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LabCulture Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, based in Dorset and working throughout the UK and internationally. A small, creative, forward-thinking organisation founded by artists, its purpose is:

  • to activate and support research, production and distribution of new art arising out of the interdisciplinary practice and the use of creative technologies

  • to provide opportunities for artists and audiences to engage critically and creatively with this workPVA MediaLab works with public and private agencies to achieve its aims. The organisation is committed to the highest standards in terms of production, access and equality in all its work

    artists working

To obtain more information email contact@pva.org.uk


Chair - Marcus Leadley
Monica Biagioli
Dr Dew Harrison
Sue Louise
Julie Penfold
Simon Poulter

Company Secretary:
Mandy Rathbone

PVA MediaLab specialises in project development work and can offer artists support in origination and completion of projects.

rail and bus

From London a regular service runs from Waterloo to Dorchester South station. This connects with the number 31 bus service to Bridport

From Bristol a reasonable service runs to Dorchester West. The number 31 bus runs from the West Dorset Hospital or Dorchester South Station to Bridport

From Exeter a regular service runs to Axminster or Crewkerne stations. The Axminster service connects with the 31 bus to Bridport

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