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Wellcome Trust

With funding received from the Wellcome Trust, Peter Snelling and the PVA MediaLab team are working with a group of 15 – 18 year olds at Hardye’s School in Dorchester to make a film about DNA and identity. Who are we? Where have we come from? Do we have a choice or are our identities predestined? The exploration of these ideas will produce a powerful and personal film script illuminating the theme of DNA.

Research around the subject is taking place at weekly sessions throughout the autumn term, resulting in a rough draft of the script by the end of December. In January the script will be finalised and film production and editing will take place in February. The film will be screened at a Symposium to be held in March and will form the basis for discussion around the subject of Nature versus Nurture.

Film project with Sherborne Pupil Referral Unit

Peter Snelling and James Price are working with small groups of 13 – 16 year olds at a pupil referral unit in Sherborne. From September to December they will have spent a day each week running film making workshops with three different groups of young people. From Week 1 it has been hands-on, with the young people using the cameras and sound equipment to make short films, and learning the techniques to make their film interesting and unusual. Over subsequent weeks they have developed these skills and added in editing and digital sound/music creation. With these practical skills in place they have now moved on to story telling with the emphasis on conveying ideas in concise and original ways. At the end of the project all the young people will have contributed a series of short films which will be combined in one showreel and screened to an invited audience in Sherborne.


PVA MediaLab develops a wide range of projects working with young people in Dorset and the South West. Projects generally work in partnership with other organisations. If you would like to work with us then call the number below.To obtain more information email contact@pva.org.uk

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