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PVA was founded by a group of artists in 1996. The group's original intention was to develop exhibition and networking opportunities within an artist led framework. The name 'PVA' derived directly from the type of glue and was generated as a result of the need to have a permanent name to draw in funding. The group was constituted as an arts association.

Since 1996 PVA MediaLab has developed a national track record working with artists and new technology. The artist led values have been retained and the organisation has worked with hundreds of artists from the UK and abroad. In 1999 PVA MediaLab became a revenue client of South West Arts, in recognition of its ongoing role in developing creative technologies across the South West of England.

The organisation has delivered a number of large-scale projects. In 2002/03 and 2003/04 PVA MediaLab was successful in achieving funding from the Arts Council's National Touring Programme in recognition of its development of medialab work with artists. The programme has supported over 200 artists in making new work at venues across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and most recently Singapore.

In the summer of 2002 PVA MediaLab incorporated as Labculture Ltd and now has a board of Directors representing various art form areas. The new company is limited by guarantee and not for profit.

PVA MediaLab offers a bespoke training scheme accessible to artists throughout the UK. We specialise in project development work and can offer artists support in origination and completion of projects.

Our network of artist project developers can support a variety of projects including sound design, digital audio, digital video, DVD authoring, web design, imaging, interactivity (MAX/MSP) and many more. We do not currently support 3D programming.

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